Hab heute für dieses Jahr die letzte Runde gedreht. Es sind 2013 dann nur 5017 Km geworden, auch wenn es sich nach deutlich mehr angefühlt hat.




7 thoughts on “Winterschlaf

  1. Hallo Guido,
    tolle Seite. Super Bilder. Ich suche gerade für meinen 911er ein Cover zum einmotten. Wo hast Du deines her? Danke für einen Tipp.
    Gruss Markus

    • Hello Ulrich, thanks a lot. No Photography is just another hobby. I aready had a look at your website a couple of weeks ago. Funny to see that we are facing the same problems but with different priorities. I like to see what your dasboard replacement will look like. I changed the interior colour from blue to back, except for the dashboard, so replacing it is also an option for me. Best, Guido

      • Hi Guido,

        Well, you are doing a very nice job on the website and the photos. I love it.
        About the dash – mine is so far gone that it needs replacement. Is yours vinyl or leather covered? If it is leather and in okay condition, you can always dye it black. It will definitely be a lot cheaper than buying a replacement in black.


          • Hi, I have never tried it myself but from what I have read about changing colors on vinyl, it is definitely possible and with great results. You use a spray can to „paint“ the vinyl the color you want. Try google „change vinyl color“. Lots of articles and videos. Let us all know how it goes if you decide to do it. It is definitely a DIY job. Best of luck.


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